Anonymous online audit steps

Click on each step in turn to proceed with the audit.
  1. Register (or Log in if you have already registered)
    Your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and so we will NEVER use your details or contact you outside the audit process
  2. Auditor Introduction
    We send you an email that explains the audit process for your auditors. You then personally send this email on to a minimum of 4 auditors so that they know to expect an invitation (directly from us) to give feedback on you. The people you personally invite are more likely to respond if they receive this introduction email directly from you than if they just receive the invite from this website.
  3. Send Audit Invite Emails
    Simply enter the email addresses of 4 or more people that you would like to audit you. You MUST have a minimum of 4 auditors provide comments to ensure the auditors remain anonymous.
    These should be the same people you have already directly contacted in Step 2 above.
  4. Check Audit Status
    You can see which of your auditors have provided feedback so far (but you can't see their feedback). Once four auditors have provided feedback you'll be able to Close the Audit and get a report of their feedback without their identity.

A verification email has been sent to your email address.

Please check your mail and click on the verification link so that you can continue the anonymous online audit.

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Please check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password.